teagen & pierre

trois filles et un collage

collaboration entre les deux artistes

  • pierre manning
  • emilie lacourssière
  • jacinthe benoit
collage artist
  • donavan teagan


TAGEN DONOVAN is a London based Artist specializing in Editorial Collage. She has worked with Le Mile Magazine, Novembre, Archetype, Teeth Magazine, Chasseur, NR Magazine, MTV and Coeval Magazine.

Tagen has also been part of group and solo Art Exhibitions in London, New York, Berlin, California, and recently completed a live residency in London.

Growing up in London, spending the most part of childhood shifting between her Mother's theatre bus, surrounded by D.I.Y. approaches to all aspects of production design and her Father's photographic film studio in West London, Tagen was able to absorb the visually stimulating environment she was exposed to — allowing her to articulate fleeting ideas into flowing collages that are inspired by texture, form and colour.

Inspiration for Tagen is drawn from ebullient colours found in the theatrics of contemporary culture. Her visual history has given her a unique and valuable practice of dissecting images to mimic natural curves and simulate a sense of animation and life.


  • photographie: pierre manning
  • stylisme: emilie lacourssière
  • mua: jacinthe benoit
  • collage artist: donavan teagan

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