Jean-François Gratton

Photographer, cinematographer, director and associate, pioneer, quiet force, recognized for his sensitivity, his generosity, his thoroughness, his vision, his light, his colors, his simplicity and consistency. He loves winter, he's compulsive buyer of photographic material and he is also forest producer. Mentor to the Shoot family, he would not change his team, even for some long nights in the darkroom listening to The Cure. He's a founder and member of the workers of the image since 1986.

Pierre Manning

Photographer, director of photography and associate, Pierre is known for his portraits, his lighting, his effectiveness, his organization, his speed and sense of humor. A Swiss army knife of the studio, he maintains the morale of the troops, does not keep his tongue in his pocket and sing the old hits. He would not change the gang, the cyclo, the terrace, his parking spot and team meetings. He is a founder and member of the workers of the image since 1989.

Martin Girard

Photographer, director of photography and associate, Martin is recognized for his edits, his hyper-realistic collages, his efficiency, his ease with the teams, his solutions, his versatility and his perfectionism. He has a talent for impressions, likes Pad thai, always has a story to tell and could go to the Olympics in the brainstorming category. He would not change the spirit of camaraderie, the workspace, exotic travel and assignments made for the studio. He is a founder and member of the workers of the image since 1998.

Jean-François Lemire

Photographer, cinematographer, visual storyteller, Jean-François is known for his stagings, its perpetual search for truth and his talent to relax the atmosphere. He always promotes a natural approach and likes to go out in the field. Quiet, authentic, direct, Jean-François don't like Fireworks. He would not change the climate of sharing ideas and knowledge of the studio. He is a member of the workers of the image since 2003.

Hans Laurendeau

Photographer, cinematographer, known for his ability to capture the natural, his availability, his honesty, his rapid-fire work, and his understanding of the needs. Unable to refuse a Pad thai to Martin, he is discreet and observant, but when it comes to froth milk, he commands respect. He would not change the sense of belonging to the family, the open-mindedness and the workspace of the studio. He is a member of the workers of the image since 2005.

maude chauvin

Felix Renaud

Nastia Cloutier Ignatiev

Matt Charland

Director, cameraman, editor, Matt masters like no other all stages of video creation. Reliable, efficient, working with passion and in record time. Flexible, chameleon, he gathers the energies around his creative process which is authentic, sensitive and diverse. Intuition, mood, music and movement are at the heart of his work. He wouldn't give the respect, the openness, the spirit of cooperation and mutual assistance that exists within the team. He is a member of the workers of the image since 2015.

Lucas Harrison Rupnik

Director, cameraman, editor, sound engineer and mixer,recognized for his versatility, his autonomy, his openness and his clear and bold vision. Son of a photographer from a varied background, he likes challenges and is an enthusiast of music, cinema and the sea. He has a recording studio, learns quickly and is not afraid of the most complex software and equipment. Lucas love road trips, he never get tired of watching the movie 'JAWS', he wakes up without an alarm and loves natural imperfections. He wouldn't change for the world the attention to detail, team spirit and magic that takes place in the studio. He is a member of the workers of the image since 2016.

Benoit Fry

Réalisateur monteur, créatif, passionné par la musique

Sian Richards

Sian Richards est une photographe de Toronto et de Cape Ann, Massachusetts. Avec sa lumière naturelle, elle cherche à capturer l'élégance des objets de tous les jours et de faire ressortir le meilleur de ses sujets.

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