The future is open to suggestion

Journey to the land of the rising sun

In a world where new technologies catch up with science fiction, this campaign by Hitachi wanted to return to a more human scale by showing how robotic and artificial intelligence may contribute to advancing the society.

  • Martin Girard
  • Hitachi


  • creative direction : Sébastien Rivest
  • management-consulting and strategy : Jacob Guité-St-Pierre
  • strategic planning : Ismaël Neiva
  • creative team: Layton Wu, Camille Forget, Jeffrey Rosenberg
  • photographer: Martin Girard
  • producer : Kristia Louis-Seize
  • assistants-photographers : Simon Couturier et Alexandre Couture
  • makeup and hair : Kyoko Yamada
  • art direction: Dentsubos
  • stylist: Chika Yokote
  • retouching artist: Geneviève Demers
  • Model: Benson
  • client: Hitachi

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