Télé Québec

Annual photo and video campaign for Télé Québec

Portrait series used to unveil the 2017-2018 programming

  • Stéphanie Mignaca
Director of photography and photography
  • Jean-François Gratton
  • Martin Girard
  • Pierre Manning

Creative project directed by Jean François Gratton and Martin Girard, imagined in conjunction with the Télé Québec team, Visual research, development of the sets, test with miniature model, looking for angles, coloration.

Spontaneity, movement, photographing more than 60 people in the same environment but all different! A creative and technical challenge: more than 25 flash heads have been used, area 200 images per animation... Capture One, Lightroom, Dragon, Photoshop,first and After Effect to animate all.


  • Director: Stéphanie Mignaca
  • Director of photography and photography: Jean-François Gratton, Martin Girard, Pierre Manning

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