Advertising campaign 2017/2018 of Savoie

A crazy project

  • Savoie Mont Blanc
  • Leon Travel & tourism
  • Matt Charland

A crazy project that began with a message Facebook of Régis Rolland, a friend for whom I did a few images and who lives in the Savoie region. He asked me if I might be interested to shoot the Savoie countryside campaign for 2017-2018. 

Me: "UH Yes! That's for sure!" But inside, I must admit I had my doubts that this dream would come true. When it became more serious and Savoie Mont Blanc agency finally contacted me, I flipped. The project of a lifetime. I was literally in shock to become an 'influence' for their region.

Several months of organising for 3 weeks of shooting with various stakeholders. Jerome, Alex and I did an ambitious route in VR. 3 weeks of living together intensely, to explore the Savoie region to hunt the best images and to meet extraordinary, generous and hospitable people. A project that got hand in hand with Savoie Mont Blanc Tourism, Travel & Tourism and Shoot Studio.

Version longue


  • Client: Savoie Mont Blanc
  • Agency: Leon Travel & tourism
  • Concept: Phillipe Comeau et Leon Travel & Tourism
  • Director: Matt Charland
  • Producer: Josiane Roy-Hétu/Shoot Studio
  • Cameras: Matt Charland, Jérome Binette, Alexandre Bélair
  • Photography: Jérome Binette
  • Editing: Matt Charland
  • Music: Troublemakers Music
  • Sound design and mixing: Fred Bouchard de Troublemakers Music
  • Sound editing and mixing: Manu Alberola de Troublemakers Music

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