Silverado 1500 de Chevrolet

photographing cars, it's an art or the art of photographing cars

In an industrial environment, William Langlais reveals the beauty and the impressive stature of the pick-up. In his careful staging, trucks almost become characters.

  • William Langlais
  • Pierre Manning
  • Chevrolet

When the Shoot Studio photographers have heard of the Silverado campaign, they immediately thought of William Langlais and his taste for automobile photography. This student of the program of professional photography of Dawson College, aged 19, had already presented his work.

This young photographer came to the studio work on the Chevrolet campaign. He was able to take advantage of the space, equipment and staff of the studio, while being supervised by a photographer of experience, Pierre Manning. Free from the constraints of organization and logistics, he was able to devote himself to photography through a true pro experience.


  • photographer : William Langlais, Pierre Manning
  • producer: Diana Srougi
  • assistants-photographers: Simon Couturier et Kéven Poisson
  • creation : Cossette et Mccann Toronto
  • art direction: Jean-Simon Charland (Cossette)
  • retouching : Shoot Studio
  • Client: Chevrolet

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