revisit our connection to water

Rainmakers is a poetic reflection on the future of drinking water. A minimalist interactive experience that illustrates the geopolitical and social disparities caused by control of blue gold.

  • Pierre Manning
  • Matt Charland
  • prix César

In the business world, the rainmaker is the one person that generates profits for the company. In traditional native American beliefs, the Rainmaker realizes a ritual dance during a drought to make the deities rain.

With this title and its two different meanings in two opposing cultures, Pierre Manning points out the irony of politicization and the commodification of water. The photographer wants to draw attention to the inequalities generated by the control of blue gold.


  • Assistant-photographer : Alexandre Couture
  • digital creation : Folklore
  • sound and music : Jean-François Clermont
  • text : Jean-Philippe Métivier
  • interactive experience : Folklore
  • models: Tania, Karla Etienne (danseuse), Devon (Dulcedo mannequins), Yekta (Dulcedo mannequins), Isham (Faces Mgmt), Jean-Philippe (Faces Mgmt)
  • photographer: Pierre Manning
  • video: Matt Charland
  • art direction : Bianca di Blasio, Pierre Manning
  • stylist: Bianca di Blasio (Dulcedo artistes)
  • makeup and hair : Alper Sister’s (Dulcedo artistes)
  • Assistant stylist : Tishanna Carnevale, Mikael Brassard
  • numix price : Regroupement des producteurs multimédia (RPM)

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