Memento Mori

the contemplation on the beginnings and endings of films

With the use of his title, Jean-François Gratton created his short film in the artistic style of the Memento mori ("remember that you will die" in latin), in which the work is intended as a reminder of human mortality.

  • Jean-François Gratton
Director of photography
  • Jean-François Gratton
  • Pierre Manning
  • Matt Charland


  • Director: Jean-François Gratton
  • creative direction : Nikolaos Lerakis (Beau)
  • artistic direction : Nikolaos Lerakis, Mariane Vaillancourt (Beau)
  • Director of photography: Jean-François Gratton, Pierre Manning
  • project management : Geneviève Croteau
  • production : Kristia Louis-Seize
  • production coordinator : Amélie Desjardins
  • camera: Matt Charland, Martin Gros
  • editor: Nikolaos Lerakis (Beau)
  • coloring : Colin Beaudry, Martin Gros (Chop Chop Film)
  • Musical supervision : Cult Nation
  • Technical lighting: Sébastien Roussel
  • assistant: Alexandre Couture
  • decoration workshop : Luidgi
  • clothing stylist: Maude Boisjoly (Dulcedo)
  • makeup and hair : Ashley Diabo, Charlotte Flannery (Dulcedo) 
  • manicure: Elfi (Dulcedo)
  • models: Camilia (Dulcedo), Dante (Dulcedo), Xavier Malo, Milly (Dulcedo), Pablo (Dulcedo), Sand (Dulcedo)

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