Arte Madness 80

Pierre Manning and Matt Charland had a clear idea to stage Alice Kass' luxurious lingerie. While Pierre was taking photos, Matt made a fashion video, all for the very arty independent magazine Cake.

  • Pierre Manning
  • Matt Charland
  • Cake
Arte Madness 80 le film


  • stylist : Jenn Fink (Folio)
  • set designer: Roxanne Chagnon
  • Assistant set designer : Lily Daumen
  • right-hand man and photo assistant : William Arcand
  • models: Rose-Marie (Folio), Eli (Folio)
  • photographer: Pierre Manning
  • Video: Matt Charland
  • production: Kristia Louis-Seize
  • makeup and hair : Jessica Lablanche (Folio), Nars, Bumble and Bumble
  • client: Cake

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